Doing it the phil ivey way?

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Doing it the phil ivey way?

Post  albert1212 on Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:06 am

Cliffs at bottom

I also like to ramble and got caught off track, just a warning

Ok so i knew the title would get some interest, and probably a lot of people who will be annoyed but whatever, I'm basically looking for poker players who have ever felt like they are just not cut out for online and only want to play live, I've deposited twice online, busted the first and withdrew the second after playing for a long time and breaking even, oh and I had a very deep run in a first depositors freeroll which I tilted away, and to be honest........... I HATE PLAYING ONLINE. I think its a great idea and envy anyone who can make money but for one reason or another I cant, im impatient, poor game selection because of the wide array of selection, and many more reasons

So ye, i've played live in home games (.10/.20) for the past 4 years,thats how i learnt poker, with some shots at the casino (1/2) in the past 3-4 months and have made an estimated 1k in the last year live, you might think that's odd but we buy into the home games for 200bb at least, im always in for 300bb and it plays bigger than it should! and i think playing with my friends who we have all progressed so much from has helped me beat the fish at the casino at the rare times i've gone in without having to think nearly as hard as i do at my 'small' home games.

My problem is i'm a student, so definitely do not have the roll for live, but i cannot stand online poker, I hate that it's so easy to switch between games(i'm very indecisive whenever I deposit what to play), i hate how unsocial it is, I also have how whenever I dont feel like working/studying i can open up a game, but am never fully concentrated, I love having fun with the people at the table. I know how everyone prob knows how Ivey went and spent whatever money he had in the casino mastering the game do you think thats possible?Obviously its Ivey theres no comparison

but can you make good money skipping the whole 1c/2c grind online 30 hours a week?I know i'll get flamed for a ridic amount of things, br management, moving up stakes, naivety, whatever else but I don't mind.

I know binking one tourney would be a big boost, my local casino is small, beast value tourney is a deepstack about $30 to enter first prize is usually 500...but im also talking about just a few small cashes from these or some winning nights in cash games. Oh and also, in my small foray into the poker world, I've learnt that money doesn't mean a lot, sure it lets you do stuff you might not have been able to before but it really doesn't mean a huge much to me, I won some money recently, and my friends thought it was so cool that I could do that in a few hours, but I didnt feel any happier after it, so ye...bit off track but just a sidenote

I know so many people here will not be able to comprehend how i can think of that, I get it, because there are so many ''rules'' 2p2ers live by, but I like to think im old fashioned, and I honestly do think i'm not made for online poker, yet in live its the complete opposite?anyone else ever feel this?

Have many people ever felt like there just not cut out for online poker, but have made a pretty good bankroll through live poker

P.s i know this is sorta an ironic post, as live players prob wont be here!


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