Is it possible to beat this live MTT EV wise?

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Is it possible to beat this live MTT EV wise?

Post  albert1212 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:53 am

Hey guys ,

I got invited to a live MTT for 125 €.
100 € will go into the pot and 25 € for rake.
rake includes a buffet and drinks ( non alcoholic i guess i wont drink alc anyways).

They will start with 10000 chips and 50/100 blinds with 20 min levels ( next will be 100/200 i think )

organizer said he will be able to get 27 player i think it ll be more like 16-18 which will play as a deepstacked 2 table SNG then obviously. with maybe top 3-4 paid.
There will be loads of arabian donks who dont really have a clue about playing poker and play way to loose and aggro.

A friend of mine said even with the skill edge in long run i cant beat this tourney i disagreed. what do you guys say?
any suggestions or have you experienced something similar?


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